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  • Amber Lee Dodd

I'm judging the 'Dear Me' writing competition

I am thrilled to be the judge for this year's Dear Me competition. Dear Me is an oppurtunity for school children to write a letter to their future self about their hopes, dreams and aspiratons. It can be funny, inventive and creative and I look forward to some big hopes and crazy dreams. I have been popping into schools to talk about the competition and how when I was at school I could have never imagined myself as a writer! But here I am, so think of all the wonderful things you could go off to achieve. So if you go to school in Fratton email your story to community@frattonbiglocal.org.uk by the 26th of Febuary. The winner will get lots of book tokens and be invited as a guest of honour to my booklaunch in April.

I look forward to reading them!

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