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Book launch and Booktrust's Bookmark Book of the Month

April has been a giant of a month. At the start of the month We Are Giants was made one of Booktrust's picks of the month and made Bookmarks book of the month and I did my very first interview, where I discus dyslexia, dwarfism and the magic of children's books. You can read it by clicking here.

Then We Are Giants was released on the world and there was a very busy launch party at Blackwell's Portsmouth (the very bookshop I used to work in).

(I'm really nervous in all these pictures which is why I'm not smiling like a mad hatter, I am smiling like a mad hatter on the inside though.)

Then after all that excitement died down (and I took a very long nap) I was intvited up to the BBC to talk in-front of an audience about Dyslexia and do a reading from We Are Giants. There's lots to talk about that so look out for my next blog post. Until then here's some pics of We Are Giants in the wild.

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