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BBC Awesome Authors festival

Rather excitingly I was one of the many fabulous authors invited to read and perform at the BBC Awesome Author festival in Birmingham. It was so exciting and so fabulous in fact that I have only now just recovered and been able to write this blog post.

This two day festival was part of BBC Awesome Authors events over the summer. There's lots of fantastic things going on this summer, including the Big Friendly Read challenge and lots of author events springing up in libraries across the country. This was the main festival and I was thrilled to be a part of it, especially as my absolute author hero Jacqueline Wilson was headlining the festivities.

So what did I get up to?

Well I did a interview with BBC Newsround where I answered some excellent questions about We Are Giants. In fact there's even a little quiz on Newsround website featuring We Are Giants. Click here to guess which news story belongs to Sydney?

Then I joined the Awesome Authors stage to discuss Roald Dahl villains. I was representing the giants in the BFG, but after an intense battle Ross Mackenzie won with Miss Trunchbull. I think the audience chose wisely, any villain who can fling a girl across the school by her pigtails is a deserving master villain.

Then I talked to a lovely audience about We Are Giants and how any one can become an author. This was the first time I had given this talk so I was a wee bit nervous. But really how could I be afraid of these guys?

I finished off the day with a book signing and got to chat to some of the first readers of We Are Giants.

I had a wonderful time and heartily recommend you catch the next CBBC festival! So watch this space for more BBC and We Are Giants news.

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