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Branford Boase award nomination

I'm absolutely delighted that We are Giants has been nominated for the prestigious Branford Boase award. This is the first time I've had to talk about it properly because I got the news whilst up a hill in scotland! But I had to write about it because Its one of those special awards I watched as a budding author. It's known as the 'ones to watch award' with pretty much all my favourite authors winning or being nominated for it. So its a thrill to be on this years list. The Branford Boase is a national award awarded to the most outstanding children's debut and extra specially it honours the editor too. A very important thing considering that editors help make the finished book by getting you to cut all the awful bits and make the good bits even better. There may only be my name on the front cover of We are Giants, but it was a whole team of people and the support of family and friends who got the We are Giants into book form. And my editor Niamh Mulvey is responsible for taking We are Giants from 23,000 words to 46,000 and for making Grandma a main character.

There's lots of big and special books up on the list including Costa shortlisted Orangeboy from fellow Hachette author Patrice Lawrence. So go check all the books out by clicking here.

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