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The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley comes out in April

Very excited to share my next book The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley. It's a book about family curses, the power of friendship and what home really means. It comes out on April 2nd from Scholastic and is available from all good bookshops. You can even pre-

order it here, or to support your local bookshop by ordering it here

Moving house is no fun. Just ask Noah Bradley. A curse has forced his family to move thirteen times. Once it was a flash flood. Another time, a typhoon wrecked their home. Once a flock of angry birds even chased them out of town. The family curse strikes in lots of different ways. But, somehow, it always does. Now they’ve just moved to their thirteenth home. Noah is desperate for this one to work out. He’s made good friends at school, he has his own room, hes finally happy. So when the curse returns, Noah decides there will be no more running away. The Bradleys are staying matter what it takes!

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